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We like to become invested in our clients.

We like to become
invested in our clients.

Helping an organization grow is what excites us. That means we’re going to ask questions to fully understand your goals, challenges or pain points because listening and empathy are not only important in building long-term relationships, they are essential to the design process.  It also means that whether you’re a start-up, a lone marketing director or have an entire organization behind you, you can count on us to be an extension of your team. This relationship inspires us every day and it’s the foundation of how we work.


We’re invested in our clients, and as with any good investment, we’re in it for the long term.

About Us

About Us

David Barras

It felt random at the time, but growing up, my interests in coding, social psychology, anthropology, and journalism were all leading me somewhere. Each of these disciplines asks questions and seeks answers or solutions, which suits my restless curiosity. I also like to tinker and build things and feel most satisfied when I've created something tangible. Twenty years later, I realize that every step of that path led me to become a designer and influenced my approach to branding, design and user experience. These disciplines not only taught me the importance of asking “how?” and “why?” but also “what if…?” which is key to finding answers.

Pari Karani

Growing up in Dubai in the 80's as it was becoming the modern city it is today, I was constantly exposed to the city's innovative architecture and design. Further exposure came through my dad, a civil engineer, who would take me and my sisters with him on site visits. I became fascinated as I saw how projects came to life from someone's vision. My passion for creativity has led me to live in New York where I was exposed to its rich history and melting pot of art, design and architecture, to travel where I love to immerse myself in other cultures and draw inspirations from it, and finally to co-found Design Squabble. These experiences have shaped me as the creative I am today.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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