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Relaunch & eCommerce

NutraBloom approached us to assist in the rebrand and relaunch of their line of supplements focused on fertility and wellness. To increase their e-commerce presence, we designed packaging, a website and social media to create an experience that supported NutraBloom's warm tone and position as a modern supplements brand formulated by experts. NutraBloom's products are designed for men and women to support their fertility journey and wellness.

It all started with packaging

The client tasked us with designing labels that would work with the sizes and shapes of existing bottles and would support the new brand. In a crowded marketplace, with packaging that is often overwhelming with information, we started by creating a simple design that is free of extraneous information and art. This made key information and potential health benefits stand out. We color coded the labels so users could easily identify if the supplement was for men, women or both.

It all starts with packaging


To support the NutraBloom brand, we designed the website to be lifestyle-centric rather than clinical. Photography throughout the site was chosen to help visualize this idea. We also placed bottles in lifestyle photos instead of the typical isolated product shots. 

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Social Media

We also produced video and static social media assets to support the product launch and eCommerce efforts.

Social Media